Be Your Own Super Hero: Hearing Amplification

Dream with me for a second: Many of us have always wanted to have advanced, super-sonic hearing where we could hear what people are saying in a secret conversation from across the room. Or if only we had a “spidy-sense” like spider man and could be alerted by our own senses whenever someone or something exciting was going to happen. We would be our own super hero! Now come on back to reality. What if I told you it was a real possibility? That you could increase your hearing up to 6x without blowing out your eardrums!

Dreams are now becoming reality with hearing amplifiers. Now these are not simply a hearing aid. They are specifically designed to amplify the noises you want to hear while hunting your favorite game, and WildEar products are specifically designed hearing modification for that purpose. These hearing boosters come in a variety of combinations. In the rest of this article we will look at the two major varieties: Amplification only, extreme noise protection, and amplification combined with extreme noise protection.

Bowhunter Series (hearing enhancement): With hearing enhancement like the WildEar Bowhunter Series and the benefits of multiple volume levels, custom molded earpieces, wax protection, and vents to prevent the feeling of having plugged up ears a hunter puts themselves at a much higher advantage than if they were to choose not to wear them. Hearing amplifiers give you the ability to hear up to 6x better than normal, and these amplifiers work incredibly well. If you are someone who already suffers from permanent hearing loss, any of the WildEar products are for you because they are specifically designed for a maximized hunting experience.

Shooter Series (hearing protection): Conventional hearing aids, and even the Bowhunter Series, are not designed for protection from sudden loud noise in addition to their normal amplification. If you were to expose a typical hearing aid to the loud noise of a gun blast you would likely damage both your hearing and the hearing aid because they are not designed to both amplify and protect. Fortunately, with new advances in technology this opposite affect can be countered by an extremely helpful hunting tool like the Shooter Series from WildEar. This product allows for the protection from loud firearm blasts, keeping your ear drums safe.

Master Series (best of both worlds): And if you are looking for the best of both worlds, there are products available like the Master Series. With 4 digital programs to choose from, this combines all of the benefits of both the Bowhunter Series and the Shooter Series into one all purpose pair of ear protection and amplification.

Regardless of what you choose, take advantage of the opportunity to be your own superhero with hearing amplification while on your next hunting trip.

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