Hearing Protection for What Life Throws at You

Hearing protection and amplification is a fairly established industry within the hunting community. With advances in technology the hearing protection gets better and better, and with the addition of the filtration and amplification of sounds there are a wider variety of choices when it comes to ways to protecting your hearing. But the sound of […]

Hunting Hearing Aids and their Advantages

As the hunter, it is important for you to have every advantage possible over the game that you are hunting. You are stepping onto their home turf, and yet you are faced with challenges. You want to outsmart them, outthink them, and be one step ahead at all times. This means that, as a hunter, […]

Youth Hearing Protection

Hunting, target shooting, competitive shooting and other hobbies that include the use of firearms are a huge aspect of our culture and of our lives. Americans purchase and shoot over 1 billion shells every year, and this means that there are over 1 billion opportunities for permanent hearing damage or loss to be had. In […]

Youth Firearm Sports

Parents have always loved to pass their hobbies onto their children. One particular type of hobby that has been passed on from generation to generation is shooting sports. From hunting, to target shooting, to competitive shooting, the use of firearms has been one of America’s favorite pastimes for generations.  Even from the beginning of the […]

Hunting Big Game in North America While Protecting Your Hearing

Hunting is not a “one size fits all” description of what many of us do when we go out with our weapon of choice and try and take down a certain breed of animal. There are a lot of different types of hunting. Big game, small game, predators, birds, you name it, and within each […]

4 Ways that the Right Hearing Protection Will Help You Hunt

There are a variety of different ways to protect your ears while you hunt. From different thats that simply block out noise to different ways to filter noise, you have choices when it comes to protecting your hearing. The important part is twofold: 1) that you are in fact protecting your hearing, and 2) that […]

From Hunter to Hunted

For the more than 13.5 million people in the United States that hunted last year, a large majority of them would say that hunting is a relaxing experience and that they greatly enjoy their time. Hunting has deeply rooted emotions tied to it. It has been an escape from the stress of life for decades […]

My Ears Hurt: All of the Opportunities for Your Hearing to Get Damaged

“Huh? What? Are your ears ringing?” “You’re talking too loud!” Our ears are a very small part of our body, and yet they allow us to do so many important things. Even though we have thousand of body parts, we only have six senses, and our ability to hear allows us to do so many […]

Give Yourself the Best Chance in Your Hunt

Hunting is a sport that requires many skills. Not only do you have to be a good marksman with a firearm, bow, or whichever weapon you choose to use, but you have to develop many of the other skills that come with hunting. In this article we are going to pick out some of the […]

Be Your Own Super Hero: Hearing Amplification

Dream with me for a second: Many of us have always wanted to have advanced, super-sonic hearing where we could hear what people are saying in a secret conversation from across the room. Or if only we had a “spidy-sense” like spider man and could be alerted by our own senses whenever someone or something […]