Janna Reeves

Miss Battle Born I shoot 3 gun. I travel all over the country and represent my awesome sponsors at shotgun and multi gun matches. This year (2014) I qualified for and am on the televised 3 Gun Nation Pro Series. I began my 3 gun journey in the summer of 2013 and you’ll find most of it chronicled on this page. I’m always happy to answer questions and share info so don’t hesitate to ask!

Some of you know me as MissBattleBorn which is a nod to the “Battle Born” state I lived in when I started this page – Nevada.

Besides competitive shooting, I’m a gun lover in general! I own, shoot, collect, maintain, modify, and cuddle my firearms 😉 I’m an NRA certified instructor and enjoy teaching people – especially women – the basics of shooting. I carry a gun every single day and am a strong supporter of our 2nd amendment rights.
I love my country and support our military!

Ladies, you CAN shoot and you can shoot well! Through my page I’ve been able to encourage other women to get shoot and discover that they actually enjoy it. That’s very rewarding! Women shooters are on the rise and I love hearing from other females who are out there competing and enjoying their guns.

I’m always happy to answer questions, especially those about getting started in 3 gun. However, please be very patient with me if you send an email. I get a ton of them and I do try to answer everything but sometimes it takes awhile.Janna_Reeves