Youth Program

WildEar strongly promotes hearing conservation and safety in all youth shooting and hunting sports. We, as concerned parents, realize that our hearing is far too precious to go unprotected early on. Hearing Loss Far More Common Than Expected HealthDay WildEars are the perfect fit for the young outdoors enthusiast. They will allow your son/daughter the advantage of hearing you, their shooting instructor or coach and their hunting party all while protecting their hearing with top-of-the-line hearing protection. It is a known fact that the human ear readily changes during this age group. With this in mind, we have specifically designed a program for the young sportsman. Program Details include:
  • Age group: 12 to 18 years old.
  • All WildEar product series included in this program.
  • WildEar will make any fit adjustments necessary to maintain an accurate fit twice during this period.
  • Additionally, WildEar will provide a total shell refit (customer to provide updated ear impressions) for a greatly reduced cost of $259.00

Youth Program Fit Adjustments

Please call our customer service with additional questions. 855-494-WILD.

WildEar Youth Program

Price: $259.00

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