Cliff Watrin Testimonial

New WildEars work great! I have noticed in recent years that I am having trouble hearing deer before I see them. Just a few years ago this did happen very often. With the new Wild Ears Master Series the change has been amazing. The resolution and sound pickup is out of this world. The custom fit is perfect and comfortable, and the adjustments for volume in the field are really easy. And most amazing I have not had deer sneaking up on me. I could actually hear deer eating and foraging on the food plot from across the field. Also tested the set out at the Forest Lake Sportsman’s Club rifle range and the sound dampening abilities were amazing, while at the same time I was able to hear well and keep a safe level of awareness when shooting around others. The craftsmanship, accessories, instructions and supporting materials are top notch. Thanks for a great product, I will be showing to my hunting and shooting friends and relatives, who I know could use a pair of these as I’ve noticed they have had a few deer sneak up on them as well.

Many Thanks!

Cliff Watrin
Wyoming, Minnesota