Ed Peterson Testimonial

I’ve never shot an animal that I didn’t see. I don’t know how many animals I didn’t see, because I didn’t hear them first. “WildEar” does to the auditory what binoculars and scopes have done to the visual. Good binoculars and scopes can increase the success of a hunt. “WildEar” gives an edge to the success of a hunt when the need to hear is of utmost importance.

I can’t believe the experience that the hearing enhancement produces. I would never have realized how loud the noise is from walking in a pair of blue jeans. The slight rubbing of the fabric from normal walking sounds like coarse sandpaper rubbing on an object or other sandpaper. Keep this in mind when you select your clothes for the hunt.

One of my biggest concerns was the effect of wind. After some adjustment in using “WildEar”, I have found that the wind is essentially not a factor. It was suggested to me by Brad that I get used to wearing the enhancement before trying it in the field. This recommendation proved to be very effective as it allowed me to experience sounds and discrimination with “WildEar” before I relied on it’s effectiveness. I suspect that there will be a learning curve that will go on for some time before I realize the full potential of “WildEar” However, with the brief introduction from Brad and some practice, I have found that the basics of hearing enhancement have been very easy to master.

Whether sitting on a stand, or stealth hunting, I found the “WildEar” to be a very good asset in this endeavor. When actually doing a drive, I left the “WildEar” on level one as Brad suggested. If you exert too much energy on a drive/walk, your own breathing level may become annoying.

The noise suppressor activates when a gun is fired so I even got hearing protection while hunting.

With hindsight, I wish I would have had this advantage while in Vietnam. I also plan on using “WildEar” while birding and other outdoor activities.

I am currently preparing venison jerky. Next spring, I hope I am preparing
some turkey.

Ed Peterson