Jim Chamberlin Testimonial

I am a member of the North American Hunting Club and was chosen to field test a pair of the Wild Ear Master series hearing boosters. Which I was very excited to try. The Minnesota rifle deer season was coming up in a few weeks, and as I get older I need all the advantage I can get. I received my custom made pair just a couple days before deer season. The Wild Ears are easy to put in your ears and easy to adjust the volume up or down. It is amazing all the sounds that are in the woods when your hearing is amplified. I had hunted for 4 days and had not seen a deer yet. On the 5th day about 8:00 am I was in my tent style ground blind with my Wild Ears on and heard a noise to my left. I turned my head slowly and looked, to my surprise the noise that I thought should be about 25 yards away was a nice whitetail deer, about 70 yards away standing broad side. I fired and downed the deer. The other great thing about the Wild Ears is that they suppress the noise you hear from the rifle. I have shot a few deer from inside the tent style ground blinds and I have to tell you your ears ring for several minute after the shot, if the muzzle of the rifle is inside the blind. Thanks Wild Ears for a great product. It looks like they will be great for suppressing sound when chain sawing trees and using other loud equipment, as well as listening for that whitetail deer sneaking threw the woods.