Paul Sire Testimonial

Yesterday I returned from being gone 11 days, hunting 9 of these days. I had my WildEar hearing boosters in while hunting for all 9 of the days and they are wonderful. I did not have the problem with the wind noise like I did with my “e a r” units. I was able to hear pheasants run past me while posting and was able to be more than ready when they erupted. Was asked, “How could you beat me to the shot like that?” I could hear them peeping when they gathered together at the end of the fields. I heard meadow larks sing, and small birds calling out (which I have not heard for some time). I could hear deer walking in the corn before seeing them. While working the granary, I could hear flies, flying around. In the house I could hear dishwater running down the drain, and a mouse in the wall. But I do not remember hearing the shots.

Needless to say, they are great! Thank you!

Paul Sire